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Automotive performance and street racing enthusiasm in and around our Nation's Capital. Drop in on performance events and secret gatherings all around Maryland, Virginia and the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Not just a bunch of clips slapped together, Smoke is professionally produced and reveals some of DC's most thrilling antics: It is an high-quality documentary DVD that captures the action and conveys raw, immersive presence in various scenes and pursuits.

"The action really moves for over two hours. It just never stops. Great music, too."

"Take the action scenes from 'The Fast and The Furious' add in a bit of Real World and you've got Smoke." --DIPstick Magazine

"Not what I expected; way better! Music kicks ass, looks great! I've never seen a movie about auto performance and street racing done this well. Mad props."

Over 2 hours in 4 thrilling sections. Something for everyone. Fast-paced, vibrant, well done. Definitely a keeper.

  1. Scenes and Runs: Midnight street runs, wrecks, fleeing.
  2. Culture and Peeps: Shows, gatherings, cars, people, scenes.
  3. Antics and Fun: Spinouts, shootouts & screwing around. Hyper-Fest, OC Car Show, girls, rock crawling, captivating events including professional driver training, investigating the ominous Glenn Dale hospital.
  4. Events and Meets: Drifting, motorcross, track races and maneuvers, off-roading, shows, girls, much more.
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